Focus On: New Zealand 'Bubble' Sheep

Our New Zealand Sheep article 'Charnwood' has a unique, heavily shrunken 'Bubble' grain pattern that creates a very striking look suitable for Handbags, Footwear and Clothing.

We offer this article in a wide range of colours and in both Full Grain and Nubuck finishes, please take a look at the pictures below to see a few of the colours we currently offer.

Please contact us at office@tustingandburnett.com if you would like a colour card or more information on this article.

New Zealand Bubble Sheep in Classic Black

From Left to Right Colours: Jungle, Dahlia, Dragon Red, Herba, Cornflower Nubuck, Slaked Lime

Cornflower Nubuck and Slaked Lime

Please contact us to order a colour card, sample skins, or if you would like any additional information on this article.


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